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Glanbia Nutritionals, an established leader in whey protein and other dairy-based nutritional ingredients, is actively involved with organizations and projects that have led to and continue to lead to enhanced nutrition for malnourished populations.  Loren Ward PhD, Director of R&D for Glanbia Nutritionals, spoke in December 2008 at the Food and Nutrition Council Meetings held at Columbia University. At those meetings, members of UNICEF, Institute of Human Nutrition and Doctors without Borders discussed nutritional supplements for acute and chronic childhood malnutrition.

Glanbia Nutritionals has had product development interactions through Tabatchnik Fine Foods with many of the major health organizations, including WHO, Doctors without Borders, USAID and UNICEF. The two companies have continued to collaborate on several global nutrition projects, with a number of successes in delivering nutrition to impoverished areas. Glanbia also has a joint venture in Nigeria with Nutricima to produce and package liquid, condensed and powdered milk products for the region. With a broad portfolio of products, including WPC 80 and WPI, Glanbia Nutritionals is well positioned to help any health organization develop and create products for undernourished populations. Contact Glanbia for more information.

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Challenge Dairy Products Food Ingredients Division supplies a variety of high-quality dairy products to food manufacturers worldwide. Those products most relevant to humanitarian aid include: 

Sweet Dairy Whey Powder

WPC 34
Whey Protein Concentrate features a bland flavor, high-nutrition protein and high solubility in water, making it suitable for use in many food applications.

Nonfat Dry Milk (NDM)

Dry Blends (NDM Replacers)

Wet Blends (NDM Replacers)    

In addition, Challenge offers formulation expertise, blending capabilities and technical support.


F75 Therapeutic Milk (410 grams)

This milk-based powder is formulated to be used during the first phase of the dietetic treatment of severe malnutrition (rehydration phase, treatment of medical complications and the beginning of nutritional rehabilitation).  As this milk is not intended to provide weight gain for the child, its use should be restricted to the first phase of treatment.  It is mixed with clean, boiled water to provide a liquid diet with energy density characteristics of 75 kcal/100 ml (440-445 calories per 100g). It contains 5-6g protein per 100g and 23 essential vitamins and minerals.  It has a shelf life of 18 months or longer.

F100 Therapeutic Milk (456 grams)

This milk-based powder is designed for the rehabilitation phase in the treatment of severe malnutrition to acheive rapid weight gain.  It is to be used only for severely malnourished patients in the second phaseof the treatment (after the initial period with F75) and must not be given to healthy children.  It is mixed with clean, boiled water to provide a liquid with energy density characteristics of 100-110 kcal/100ml (520-550 calories per 100g).  It contains 13-15g protein per 100g and 23 essential vitamins and minerals. It has a shelf life of 18 months or longer. It has been used by UNICEF in Caribbean, Central America and Asian countries. 

F100 RUTF (92 grams)

This ready-to-use therapeutic food (RUTF) is a high energy, fortified, ready-to-use food suitable for children with severe acute malnutrition.  The RUTF is soft and easy for young children to eat without any preparation. All of the proteins contained in the RUTF come from dairy products. This product does not need to be reconstituted in water, and can be used in non-clinical settings.  It is formulated  for the rehabilitation phases to achieve rapid weight gain of severely malnourished individuals and should be used after the initial phase of treatment with F-75 Therapeutic Milk.  It contains 520-550 calories per 100g, 13-15g protein per 100g, and contains 23 essential vitamins and minerals.  It has a shelf life of 24 months.  It has been used by UNICEF in Caribbean, Central America and Asian countries. 

Complete Ready-To-Use Meal Replacement

This ready-to-use supplemental food (RUSF) was developed at the request of the US Agency for International Development (USAID), based upon the recommendations from the National Academy of Sciences, Institutes of Medicine.  It is a replace-ment food for individuals in emergency settings and is a paste packaged in a pouch and delivers complete nutrition with 520-550 calories per 100g, 10-12g protein per 100g and 26 essential vitamins and minerals. It has a shelf life of 36 months. 

Nutrition Bars (40 grams)

This ready-to-use-food provides 8 grams of high-quality dairy protein and the calcium equivalent of a glass of milk plus 50% of the 20 essential vitamins and minerals needed daily for school age 4-8 year old children-the most vulnerable age group.  It meets the Commercial Item Description (CID) established by the USDA and USAID.  It is less expensive to ship than commodities, i.e., over 150,000 bars can be shipped in one container.  It has been donated and used by International Partnership for International Development in Romania at an HIV orphanage.  It has also been used by Food For The Poor in Nicaragua in the International School Lunch program on a test basis.  It has been used extensively in domestic USDA feeding programs.  In 2005 and 2006, the USDA supplied the NNHI program for feeding the needy through faith-based organizations.  Challenge Dairy provided approximately 2 million bars to 15 faith-based organizations. It has a shelf life of 12 months.


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