Selecting the Right Dairy Ingredients

In order to select the best ingredients for your application, a number of factors need to be considered. In terms of dairy ingredients, more than one product or a combination of products may be suitable. One of the first steps in the development process is to clearly define the product specifications. For example:

  • Nutritional goals, i.e. protein, carbohydrates, fat, minerals, calories, etc.
  • Product state: dry, solid, liquid or gel
  • Required ingredients
  • Shelf life target
  • Storage
  • Packaging
  • Unit cost

Click here for the Quick Ingredient Guide, which highlights ingredient characteristics that may be relevant to your decision.

Another step in the development process is to clearly define the ingredient specifications. You may find it helpful to review sample specification sheets for dairy ingredients.  The specification sheets below reflect the most commonly demanded specification for food applications, and are not designed specifically for vulnerable populations.  They are intended to provide a starting point for decision-making and discussions with suppliers.

DSW Sample Specification Sheet

WPC34 Sample Specification Sheet

WPC80 Sample Specification Sheet

WPI Sample Specification Sheet

SMP/NDM Sample Specification Sheet