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Arla Foods Supports Malnutrition Research in Malawi

Arla Foods of Denmark has donated over US$20,000 for a Malawi-based field trial comparing three treatment protocols aimed at combating moderate malnutrition for children. The study, sponsored by Washington University School of Medicine and implemented in partnership with the University of Malawi, will compare health results of three formulas, two of which include dairy, and one of which is a vegetable-only product.  The study will track health and growth impacts over a 12-month period for 2,700 children under the age of five.  Enrollment began in October 2009 and is expected to continue throughout 2010.

The study is also expected to deliver insights on the relative costs of delivering health benefits, based on different cost structures of the three treatment protocols.  The results will be closely watched by the World Health Organization, World Food Programme, and UNICEF, who are seeking more effective nutrition products for this vulnerable population at the lowest possible cost.  

Arla Foods is one of Europe's largest dairy companies with sales in over 100 countries and offices in another 20. Major products include fresh dairy products, milk powders and whey proteins.  This donation is part of the company's corporate responsibility program, in which Arla aspires to be an active player in local communities.  

In addition to Arla Foods, the study is supported by the US Agency for International Development's FANTA II Project, implemented by the Academy for Educational Development.   Dr. Mark Manary, pediatrician, researcher and founder of Project Peanut Butter, is the study's Principal Investigator.  For more information on the study, see the study summary under Ongoing Research.