USDEC Resources

General Dairy Resources

Reference Manual for U.S. Whey and Lactose Products, USDEC. An educational guide to using whey and lactose products. Includes a description of the U.S. whey and lactose industry; definitions of whey products; descriptions of the processes used to modify and enhance certain functional properties of whey and lactose; discussions of the functional and nutritional properties of whey and lactose; and applications. Available for free download in English

Reference Manual for U.S. Milk Powders, USDEC.  Includes information on production and quality; grading and testing; specifications and composition; nutritional and functional properties; applications; and a quick guide to selecting U.S. milk powders. Available for free download in English.

Dairy Ingredients and Food Aid

U.S. Dairy Ingredients in Food Assistance Programs: Nutritional & Functional Benefits and Major Applications:  This brochure provides a brief introduction to dairy ingredients, their nutritional and functional benefits, and major applications.  This is a useful starting point for anyone who is using dairy ingredients for the first time in food aid nutritional programs.  Available for free download in English.

Whey Proteins and Health Monographs

Whey Proteins and HIV/AIDS: Presents the current state of knowledge on the potential benefits of whey proteins in the nutrition of people living with HIV/AIDS. Includes complete information on HIV-related wasting, protein basics and HIV, incorporating whey proteins into the diet and the importance of exercise for people living with HIV/AIDS.  Available for free download in English.

Whey Products, Milk Minerals and Dairy Calcium: Explores new findings, applications and benefits of dairy calcium. Contains information about dairy calcium's role in human health, including its role in the prevention of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, colon cancer and cardiovascular disease. Also includes the calcium content and typical applications for major dairy ingredients. Available for free download in English, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese.

Whey Proteins and Body Composition: Presents the benefits of consuming whey protein as a safe and effective strategy for building and maintaining muscle mass and for preserving one's health throughout the aging process. Available for free download in English, Chinese, Portuguese and Korean.

Health Enhancing Properties of Whey Proteins and Whey Fractions:  Includes complete information on general nutritional properties, the composition of milk proteins, bioactive whey proteins and peptides, calcium and other minerals in whey, and on probiotics and prebiotics. Covers new areas of development for whey proteins.  Available for free download in English, PortugueseVietnamese and Chinese.

Gut Health and Whey Products:  Presents the value of whey proteins and whey derivatives in the maintenance of gut health. Providing a comprehensive review of the latest research, this monograph discusses whey's benefits to the main functions of the intestine and its efficacy in the treatment and prevention of disease. Also explores the impact of whey, lactose and other dairy minerals on several gut health factors such as barrier function, microbial activity, physico-chemical conditions, enzyme activity and nutrient absorption. Available for free download in EnglishJapanese and Chinese (Simplified).

Conference Proceedings

HIV/AIDS, Nutrition and Dairy Products Conference Proceedings:  The thirteen presentations below were shared at the 2005 HIV/AIDS Nutrition and Dairy Products Conference held in Tunisia. Nutrition and HIV specialists, private voluntary organization personnel and industry leaders from around the world met at this USDEC-sponsored event to share their views and the latest scientific knowledge on HIV/AIDS, nutrition and dairy products.