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Dairy as an Engine of Economic Growth

By: Dacia Whitsett-Morrow

USDEC recently hosted a two-day conference in Bali that featured a high-caliber roster of nutrition researchers and distinguished panelists from the United States and Asia, highlighting new research as well as practical dietary guidance to meet the diverse health and lifestyle needs of Southeast Asian consumers simultaneously facing the risks of both over and undernutrition.

Special attention was placed on the impacts of dairy and protein consumption both for vulnerable, malnourished populations at risk of stunting and wasting as well as to combat the rising incidence of chronic disease, obesity and sarcopenia. Among the key questions to be answered included how much protein is needed to ensure health outcomes? And, are there targeted windows of opportunity where dairy can deliver long-term health impacts?  

During the conference USDEC's Veronique Lagrange gave a well-received presentation entitled, "Dairy as an Engine of Economic Growth." 

Click here to view Veronique's presentation.