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Dairy for Global Nutrition Hosts Dairy Ingredients for International Nutrition Information Tour

By: Dacia Whitsett-Morrow

On September 1-3, 2015, Dairy for Global Nutrition hosted its first ever, pilot dairy ingredients/food aid mission in Boise and Twin Falls, ID. 

The objective of the tour was to provide invited participants with a solid understanding of the range of dairy ingredients available to the international nutrition community. 

From affordable, mineral-rich whey permeate, to versatile milk and whey protein concentrates, to high end, infant-formula grade milk powders, a variety of options are available to meet specific cost constraints, while optimizing health outcomes.

This hands-on tour was guided by our food science and nutrition staff and a senior nutrition consultant during which, our guests visited a dairy farm, discovered various production processes for different ingredients, experimented with formulations in an applications lab, and taste a variety of products. Guests included representatives from GAIN Canada, GAIN DC, Edesia, UNICEF, and local Idaho agencies.