Protein Quality, Growth, and Malnutrition

Protein Quality, Growth, and Malnutrition: Advances in Science and the Role of Dairy Ingredients in Food Aid: Introduction

April 1, 2016
Author(s): Dacia Whitsett-Morrow

Dairy for Global Nutrition held a food aid symposium entitled, "Protein Quality, Growth and Malnutrition: Latest Scientific Findings and the Role of Dairy in Food Aid" during the 2015 Experimental Biology annual meeting in Boston, MA. The purpose of the symposium was to evaluate the state of the science on the role of dairy ingredients in various food aid products for the treatment of malnutrition and stunting among babies and pregnant women, particularly the role that dairy ingredients play in improving the protein quality and overall nutritional profile of food aid products. 

The proceedings from the symposium were recently published in a Supplement in the March 2016 edition of the Food and Nutrition Bulletin. 

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